I got so many clothes I keep them in my aunts house

Purple Leopard Print satin dress: Primark
Black 3/4 length cardigan: Primark
Sheer tights: Primark
Black round toed shoes: Topshop
Black beaded bracelet: Thomas Sabo
Red plastic watch: Toywatch

I actually really liked this outfit today. You know when you love what your wearing and it gives you a bit of a spring in your step? Yep I felt like that although the fact that I was listening to Rude Boy by Rihanna as I walked down the platform may have added to the strut! Shockingly I brought this dress a staggering 3 years ago before I started Uni during an insane Primark spree. I only took the tags off today. Yes I hold my head in shame! I have only just had an occasion to wear it! It is perfect for work! I ended up whipping the tights off half way through the day due the sauna like temperatures in London today. I was totally expecting rain when I got dressed this morning.

Not much has really happened so far this week. I have been working which I am still enjoying a lot. I am learning so much about online journalism, never knew it was so so different to print. It is all so interesting! I went for champagne (!!!) after work last Friday and it was lovely to speak to some people that I am working with. You don't chat that much in the office when you sit so far apart. They offered some really valuable tips about the industry!

I am off to Ascot on Saturday, not had the money to buy a new outfit so I am recycling the one that I wore two years ago. I am going with different people so no one will be none the wiser! It is such a beautiful dress, I featured it here, so I don't mind wearing it again. It is the coral and cream one from Monsoon.

I hope everyone has been ok. Sorry for neglecting the old blog, I am starting to manage my time a lot better so hopefully things will get back on track very shortly!


  1. Wow love the outfit! So glad your enjoying work, it makes it so much easier. Wow very jealous your going to ascot think of me working on the house xx

  2. That dress is fab. I'd love to see a pop of yellow with it, it would look stupendous.
    Your Monsoon dress is perfect for Ascot, have a wonderful time. xxx

  3. I love that you're learning so much in your job - would love to hear about your work!
    And those are the joys of not throwing clothes out :) you never know when you might need them!

    Rosie x

  4. I love finding things in my wardrobe that I've had for years and not worn! I do believe you can grow into clothes mentally.
    I'm so glad work is going well for you!Also great choice of title- that song has so many comedy lines in it.

  5. You look fab in this dress, the colours are wonderful. I know i have been as bad buying stuff and not wearing it! However that was in the past and I am fairly frugal now.

    Enjoy Ascot. Your dress will look great.

    X x

  6. Love the outfit you look great :)

    Hope you have a good time at Ascot!

    Stacey x

  7. Your Ascot dress is beautiful! :) And you look great in this dress too- I have to admit, I too have some items which still have tags on!! Eek, aren't we just horrible :P

  8. This is lovely! Can't believe you've only just took the tags off it haha, how funny.

  9. I LOVE your dres.. Nice blog.
    Follow each other?


  10. Love your dress! Isn't it great when you find stuff that just makes you feel good? I have a dress just like that :) glad you had fun at Ascot! xxx

  11. I love the purple dress! <3



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