A little vintage spree

I aquired some goodies when I visited Brighton, it is hard not to considering the amount of beautiful vintage shops in the area. I did not buy nearly as much as I wanted too as I only had a £20 budget but I am very pleased with what I managed to find!

Vintage red and black floral cotton scarf - This baby was only a £1 so obviously it had to be made mine. I loved the fact that this was massive as most of my vintage scarfs are only really suitable for my hair. It is also made with cotton so its perfect for the summer months when it gets a bit chilly in the evening. It was from Snoopers Attic, upstairs in Snooper Paradise. The vintage was beautiful if not a tad overpriced. I cannot justify £65 for a dress with holes.

Silver tassel Topshop Necklace - This is a find from Snoopers Paradise but it's not vintage. I recognised it from a few years back in Topshop. I dont really have silver costume jewellery and I loved the tassel. It was only £3 which I thought was very reasonable. I could have come away with armfuls of jewellery but managed to refrain myself. Just.Vintage brown faux croc leather handbag - I adore this bag, I have started to build up a collection of Kelly bags. I thought it was perfect for going out as sometimes a Kelly bag can look a bit clumpy with a pretty dress. It is in perfect condition and was only £12. In fact I dont think it has ever been used!Models Own nail art pen - Obviously this was not a vintage find but I spotted this in Urban Outfitters and now I have stopped biting my nails I want to be a bit braver with how I decorate them. I am going to sit down one day this week and try and attempt leopard nails. Wish me luck!
I hope everyone has had a fab Bank Holiday, what did you get up too?

I spent the day in Clacton gambling my money away in 2p machines and then stuffed myself silly on ribs and seafood.


  1. Great buys, love the little bag.

    Sadie xx

  2. Great finds especially that mock croc bag. I remember those TopShop necklaces, they were really expensive at the time. xxx

  3. Fab buys. Wha a bargain your scarf was.

    I used to love those 2p machines as a kid. Brings back many a happy memory.

    X x

  4. What lovely finds! I save all my 2ps for the machine on our local sea front!

  5. Soph your Brighton photos look like SO much fun, and answering your question from the last post, you're right, there is NOTHING nicer than spending a weekend with your bezzie :) Looks like you picked up some delights, especially the nail pen, if leopard print is a bit of a faff polkadots look good too :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  6. I love that bag! I do love these structured 50's bags that are about at the moment, and vintage/2nd hand makes it better!
    I was off work over the bank holiday for once in my life, and I went to my boyfriend's nephew's 1st birthday party :)


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