Winter warmer

This charity gem passes the handbag by, I am offically in love. I have been after a chunky knit baggy jumper since september, saw one in Topshop but alas I could not find the £48 to buy it. Seems to be the story of my life recently.
I was trying to waste some time during my lunch hour at Uni as you do and thought id pop into my favourite charity shop to see if I could find any bargains. After picking up a shoe shaped soap from the V&A museum and trying on a fur coat for ages umming and ahhing on wether I could actually afford the £20 (decided against it, I need the money for alcohol at the weekend), I spied a cream woolly arm. Lo and behold it was a chunky knit baggy jumper not too different from the topshop version and for only £3.55! It has brown speckles in it which wasent really what I was after buy hey I can afford to buy another one when i see it at this price.

Please dont mind me modelling it, Ive just finished Uni and look a tad rough but I think it looks so much better on than it does off! Ive just realised that this photo makes me look consipated, oh well not everyone can be good with having their photo taken!

Isnt it a beaut?

Im going to attempt a full outfit post on Saturday, been reading far too many blogs and wanna do one myself! It is suppose to be about fashion after all!

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