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I have been productive today honestly, Ive completed a presentation for tomorrow and organised all my uni folders doing all the little fiddly bits. But that does not mean I havent been browsing the internet imagining what I would buy should I have the money. This seems to be happening rather a lot recently, I really dont know why I torture myself!
I adore Satchals, I dont have any admittingly but I love them nevertheless. Im really bad at buying bags, prefer to spend all my wages on dresses. The Mullberry Alexa is my favourite but alas the price just mocks me.
Ive found this one online at Esty by a seller called frenchenglish and fell in love.

Isnt it divine? I love the scalloped edges, it looks so romantic. I feel like I should be in an Enid Blyton book going to boarding school.The colour isnt the most practical but its so pretty! It will jazz up any outfit, adding a little pop colour. I like patent leather so much more than just normal leather, I think it looks more classy. I need it. At £65 its not too expensive but still its far too high for my delicate bank balance. I need to have a rumage around and figure out what to sell on ebay.


  1. i love your bag! it's so pretty! very jealous! :)


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