You sound like your from Landan

So here I am still recovering from Saturday night in Camden, probs doesnt help ive just polished off a bottle with the bestest tonight, but hey ho! I must be getting old, its not normal that hangovers last 2 days. I blame the lack of sleep.
Here is my first attempt at a proper outfit post, i fear i look like a idiot but you know needs must and all that. Im asking for you all not to jusge me ha!
Please ignore the extremely cluttered bedroom!

The rundown:

Playsuit: Next. I love the fact that the florals can be used for any season, both summer and winter colours. Pain in the bum to go to the toilet in though, not a good drunk option!

Shoes: Next £7. Good old discount and voucher won in a competition got me these bargains. I need a new pair though

Tights: Primarni £1

Velvet Jacket: Topshop £45. One of the best buys ever, brought about 5 years ago and still going strong. I love how it jazzs up any outfit.

Brooch: Stolen from the mother

Nail Varnish: Nails inc, free with this months glamour. Nails Inc is the only nail varnish that does not chip on me after an hour. Not too keen on the price though!

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