Charity shop gem

I have been reading a lot of blogs recently, maybe too many since I have Uni work to do. I have been trying to balance them out.
I keep coming across of these girls that find some gems in charity shops and car boots. Im always in a charity, never usually find much at all apart from some books. I can also never find anything cheap, I dont know what sort of charity shops sell things for £3, the ones around here must be the selfridges of charity shops.
I feel like im constantly on the look out for that special purchase. I want my very own gem.
Well I think I found it on Wednesday.
Its no secret that I enjoy dressing like a throw back from the past, I dont dress exactly how I want due to the looks and stares you get in this chavvy town but im getting braver as im older.
This bag is a beaut, its in perfect condition and just the right size. It reminds me of a bag I would see my great nan with every christmas. I have been on the look out for one for ages, keep bidding on ebay but they go too high for my liking.
I am so happy with it, used it everyday since. A mere bargain at £5.99. Its worth every penny.

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