November Purchases

So this week was my beloved payday, it took long enough. So of course I treated myself a little bit, im getting christmas presents too so im not being entirely selfish. Also now Ive laid them out ive noticed everything is black. I tend to stay away from black in the winter, I find it makes me even more gloomy.

Here are my beauties!

Black leather shorts - Topshop. I finally got these beauties ive been lusting over for 6 weeks. Never really had the money but I thought sod it this month, just have to not drink as much when I go out. I adore them, I have already found so much in my wardrobe to wear with them. I feel they may have to be surgically removed ill be wearing them so much.

Black faux suede wedges - New Look. These were a complete bargain, £18 with my student discount. I really needed a pair of new black shoes, I was wearing the same ones out time and time again feeling like a right old skank.

Black Satchel - Charity shop. I finally brought a satchel like I was banging on about in the last post. I was doing my daily visit after college to the local charity shop and grabbed it straight away. Its such a nice size to fit all my junk in and real leather for £6. How could you go wrong!

Black rose suspender tights - Next. Id had been waiting for these to come into our shop ever since I saw them in Look. We dont usually get the stuff in the magazine due to us not being a huge huge shop. I thought I might have to trek to London. But I spotted them last week and made sure I put some on hold. Im never very good for tights, only get one wear before my clumsiness rips a massive hole in them. I try to only buy Primark tights because then its not so much a waste of money. These were a fiver so its more than I usually spend but got staff discount which was a plus. Ive included a close up so that you can see the pretty rose detail.

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