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Ok so I am finally getting over my hangover from Friday night, yes you read that correctly my hangover has lasted 3 days. Its tragic and wrecked my diet as all I have is eat junk food in an attempt to feel normal. Really must get into the swing of healthy living again tomorrow.

But here is another attempt at an outfit post. Again it is in my room which is again cluttered. I feel a tad embaressed asking my mum to take pictures of me while I pose and I can never position the camera right so that I can get a whole outfit shot. But I am trying, hopefully Ill get it right! I would be greatful for any tips! I also feel ever so awkward posing, not at all a natural. I envy anyone who can work the camera!

This is what I wore out Friday night, I had to go to work the next day on four hours sleep which was not fun at all.

Please ignore the dress hanging up ready for work the next day!

Just for clarification the bra is a nude colour, not white! I dont want people to think I wear white bras under black, its my pet hate haha! But I needed a strapless bra and its the only one I had!

What I wore:
One armed rouched body - Next
Tulle skirt - Next
Tights- Primark
Cameo braclet - Market
Shoes - Next

This is one of my best friends who I went out with. Isnt she beautiful? Its always a lethal combination when we go out, our boyfriends panic! You always have to have a token wetherspoons toilet shot. I am looking extremely happy because I was on my second bottle of wine at this point! It ws starting to take effect!


  1. Hello lovely! Thanks for the comment. Hope you're well. I know what you mean about hangover hell (I was like that on Saturday). Why is it only gross food will do?! Corinne xx

  2. Its a sigh of getting old when you cant shake it off the next day! Maccy Ds and numerous cans of coke are the only things that make me feel normal!


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