My top five European countries to re-visit

1. Germany
I fell head over heels for Germany when I ventured to Berlin in 2012. In fact, I credit that trip for turning into somewhat of a travel junkie. It was the first cultural holiday I'd had, before I had just been on beach resort holidays. It helped me broaden my horizons and I came back with such a thirst for seeing the world. Berlin was such an incredible place and it encouraged me to book a trip to Cologne last year to see if I was in love with the country or the capital city. Turns out I was in love with the country. I loved the slightly grumpy people, the stodgy food, the charming beer halls, seeing the history I spent two years studying at A level and the beautiful architecture. It's a place that feels so familiar yet vastly different. I'm really keen to tick more cities off my list - mainly Hamburg, Munich and Dresden.

2. Poland
I first ventured to Warsaw back in 2013 and after fours years away, I'm heading back to Poland in August to do a mini tour of the country. I'll be hitting up Krakow, Warsaw, Pultusk and Gdansk if anyone has any tips. The capital of Poland brings such incredible memories for me. I had so much fun and so many stories to tell about the place - mostly involving the bars... It blows my mind that the old town of the city was completely rebuilt after it was flattened during the war. You'd never know walking around. I adored the amazing culture, the friendliness of the people, eating pierogi every day and discovering the contrasting architecture. It's a country that came back from the brink to be the thriving, beautiful place it is today.

3. Ireland
Ah the beautiful Emerald Isle has a very special place in my heart. Luckily thanks to my boyfriends family, I have an excuse to go back and visit more often. Not that you should need an excuse to visit! I've only been to Ireland three times but have a long list of things I'm desperate to see and do. The scenery is among some of the best I have ever seen - I never tire of seeing the rolling green hills, stunning jagged coastlines and beautiful architecture that tells hundreds of years of stories. It's a place I feel so relaxed and at peace in. That Irish pace of life is quite something else!

4. Denmark
The country where I never quite feel cool enough to visit. Copenhagen is one of the only cities I've visited that I honestly believe I could call home. The Danes really know how to live and enjoy life. The people speak better English than I do, the food scene is probably the best I've ever encountered and the proud history is fascinating. I have Aarhus, Odense and the North Zealand coast all on my wish list to help get more idea of the country.

5. Slovakia
This country completely took me by surprise, I really didn't expect to love it as much as I did. I adored the cafe culture in Bratislava, the gorgeous buildings of the old town, the contrast between old and Soviet new and the wonderful Slovak wine. Bratislava is so much more than stag dos. I feel there's so much more for me to discover here and think that Kocise would be the ideal place to start.


  1. Ireland is so high on my list to visit soon! x
    Sophie Cliff

  2. I love the way you write your travel posts :).

    Berlin was what gave me my love for Germany too. We visited Hamburg last year and this year we're hoping to travel up the East side for our honeymoon. Dresden and Munich are top of my list but hoping to return to Berlin-its been 8 years!!

  3. I'd LOVE to visit more of Ireland - I've only ever visited Dublin! I imagine it being so beautiful with lots gorgeous nature, and I absolutely cannot wait to explore more of it. Where would you recommend most? x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    1. I'm bit biased as my boyfriend's family are from the north but it's such a beautiful place. I'd really recommend the Causeway Coast. The scenery is out of this world! Donegal is a lovely little town on the north-west to visit too.

  4. Desperate to go to Denmark. And back to Ireland!

    My Sentimental Heart



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