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This past year I have developed an obsession with gin. A BIG obsession. I've been trying to build up my gin collection ready for the big move as I'm desperate to have a gin bar in my dining room. Who needs to buy a sofa when you can have a bar right? Don't you think these gorgeous Kate Spade tumblers* would look perfect on display? I'm on the look out for some more glassware, gin and bar accessories so let me know if you have seen anything nice! This is the gin I've added to my collection so far...

Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle
Exclusive to Marks & Spencer, this citrus gin is delicious. Paired with a bitter lemon tonic or simple slimline tonic, you get bursts of juniper and sweetness with every sip. It makes such a nice change from other gins. Make sure you pour easy on the tonic for the flavour to really shine through.

This is my all-time favourite - I look for it in every city I go too. I was pleased as pinch to find it in Derry. Made near my work in Chiswick, west London, it always remind me of home and the city I love.  It's an uncomplicated gin without any unusual botanicals that really stand out. Why go all fancy when you can do it this well? It's just a good, solid, fresh gin that is brilliantly smooth  on its own or paired with a tonic.

Boasting spices of cardamon, coriander and black pepper, it's a gin that packed full of flavour and offers something a little different. I find the taste too strong in a normal g+t but it perfect in a gin cocktail. It's makes a great gin version of a Bloody Mary.

Two birds
Produced in Leicestershire, this gin only uses five different botanicals. Proving that sometimes simple is best. It has a good strong finish and only needs a little tonic to get the full flavour. Better still, try it neat to appreciate the creaminess. But I love it paired with a ribbon of cucumber and slimline tonic.

I have such a soft spot for Scottish gins and this one gets a thumbs up from me. I love the unusual suggestion of using red apple as a garnish which helps to bring out the blush apple flavours in what is quite a subtle gin. No overpowering notes here. Another gin that only uses five local foraged botanicals, it's made in a small batch and offers memories of the Scottish Highlands - immediately transporting me back.

Do you have any gin suggestions for me?


  1. Worth a tipple:
    - Silent Pool
    - William Chase
    - Pink Pepper

  2. We're big fans of Bloom in this house! Also Conker, if you can get it. Locally produced in Dorset but slowly making it's way all over the country. I think Pete's all time favourite is Brooklyn - he bought me a bottle for my birthday and drank it all himself!

  3. I'm partial to a glass of Sipsmith and tonic - What can I say, I gotta represent the 'hood. If you can even call Chiswick a 'hood. Ha! ๐Ÿ˜‚

    - Elodie x

  4. I started off with Edinburgh Gin raspberry flavour but now have their rhubarb version and Eden Mill's Love gin! Porter's from Aberdeen is worth a try! :)

    Christy x
    Dinner Stories

  5. Eden Mill oak gin is bloody lovely (hints of vanilla and caramel)and Rock Rose is great too. The Scots make good gin.

  6. I love Two Birds, their Old Tom is one of my favourites. I recently bought a gin from Scotland called Gordon's Castle. The gin is made from botanicals found in a walled garden at a castle in the highlands. Stunning flavour.

  7. Sipsmith Lemon sounds so good - I'm a big fan of the original Sipsmith gin. Their summer cup is really good too - it's dangerously drinkable! My all time favourite is Tanqueray No. 10. x


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