Exploring Europe: Torvehallerne KBH, Copenhagen, Denmark

My boyfriend and I both adore a food market so when we're planning a trip outside of London we naturally look for markets in our research. When we started planning Copenhagen, Torvhallerne KBH came up time and time again in the research so it was quickly added to the list.

If you've ever been to Borough Market in south London, I'd describe it pretty similar to that. It was full of locals and tourists alike, each trying to get their foodie fix. It's an undercover food hall right in the centre of the city, making it the perfect pitstop to try some tasty food before you continue on with your sightseeing. Full of over 60 different stalls, there's something for every tastebud with cuisines from all over the world catered for. There are takeaway stalls for those in a rush or stalls with chairs to allow you to enjoy your food at a more leisurely pace.

We got there for a late breakfast/early lunch and opted to go Danish and headed straight for the stall that was selling the Smorrebrod - an open sandwich. Located at the right of the food hall, past the flower stall outside and at the back, we greedily chose three different types to share. They were delicious. It wasn't cheap as nothing in Denmark ever is but it was well worth the money. We picked up a Danish as big as our heads each on the way to eat on the go for dessert.

Even if you're not a massive foodie, Torvhallerne KBH should definitely be on your list for the buzzing atmosphere, delicious food and a little peek into Danish life.


  1. Great post! Food markets are so cool. I love picking up lots of fruit and cakes from the one here in Cardiff. I'd love to experience one abroad too, this one looks awesome

  2. It was a lot smaller than I expected but has some great stalls! I love Copenhagen :)

    T x

  3. I loved this! I think we even went back every day we were in Copenhagen, whether it was for coffee, porridge or just drinks and food.

    - Elodie x



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