How to have a chilled Friday evening indoors

I don't know about you but I really dislike going out on a Friday night and try to arrange my weekend socialising to start on a Saturday night. After the working week all I want do is come home, put some comfy clothes on - some Jack Wills Joggers would be perfect -  and chill out in my own head with maybe some pizza thrown in for some good measure. So here are my tried and tested ways to have a chilled out Friday night indoors. Staying in is the new going out don't you know?

Switching off
Your brain is pretty frazzled after a long week at work and what it doesn't need is to work overtime on a Friday night. So I tend to do something that completely allows my mind to wander elsewhere, to forget about what has happened over the last five days. I find a trashy film, a documentary you've seen before or a riveting book can help take you unwind.

Good food
After trying to eat healthily all week, Friday is the day that I come home from work and go for the comfort food. Something that's still wholesome and quick to make but like a hug in a bowl. Thai green Curry, Spaghetti Bolognese or chicken fajitas are my go-to meals. I find standing in the kitchen making something delicious is a great way to switch off too as all I can think about is how amazing it will be when I finally get to eat!

Leaving the inter webs alone
I know this is easier said than done but I spend my whole life on the internet - both at work and at home - so on a Friday night I'm feeling a little burnt out. I'm so tired from the working week that the last thing I want to is to spend hours scrolling social media and writing up blog posts. So unless I have something urgent to do, once it gets to 8pm I log out of the internet life and start living in the present. It also helps you get a decent night sleep which is always a bonus.

What is your perfect chilled out Friday evening like?

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  1. A hearty meal, like a delicious risotto; red wine; a compelling drama - bliss.

  2. I like the idea of switching off at 8pm. I always try to but dont set a time, so I end up scrolling through emails at 10pm. xx


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