Dressing for the first day of spring

Leopard print jersey midi dress: ASOS
Mid heel black pointed courts: Primark (similar)
Faux leather jacket with fur colour: New Look (similar)
Poppy Red Lily across body bag: Mulberry

Gosh wasn't this weekend's weather beautiful? These pins came out for the first time all year and it was glorious. Although looking back it seems they could do with a bit of fake tan to help brighten them up...

I've recently given my wardrobe a bit of a overhaul. I've not been quite feeling myself lately thanks to gaining a bit of weight and my clothes not quite fitting how they used too. All those meals out are starting to catch up on me. But I'm hoping I can start getting back to myself once I properly move out and start cooking home cooked meals in my house. I've been wearing the same outfits over and over again, being stuck in a dreaded style rut and just being so unhappy when I look in the mirror. I have all these clothes hanging in my wardrobe taunting me and yet my motivation seems to be at rock bottom.

Instead of losing the weight as I probably should - but you know burgers - I've decided to treat myself to some new clothes. This dress has made me feel like myself again. It's makes me feel confident and given me a spring in my step. It's everything I adore about a dress. A loud print, a long length and short sleeves. This type of dress is my jam, it's what looks best on me and has been my style staple for the past decade.  I've neglected the midi dress recently, preferring to hide away in jeans and a blouse. But here's to gradually climbing out of that style rut. And maybe losing that stone that consists of pizza, cake and burgers. Eventually.


  1. Ahh we've been having such lovely days recently, haven't we! <3 Makes me want to buy new clothes as well! You look gorgeous, that dress is so pretty :) x

  2. Such a cute outfit! Love the dress

  3. Love this dress! I'm so late to the party but ASOS do the best midis! x

  4. Cute dress! I just stumbled onto your blog while researching the Mulberry Lily and trying to decide if I should get the regular size or Medium... do you find the Medium size to get heavy on your shoulder after a while?


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