Recipe: Roast Chicken Wraps with Harissa Roasted Veg, Feta and A Mint and Yogurt Dip

I'm always after quick, filling and healthy lunches - especially now I'm at home a lot. It's all so tempting to pick at rubbish food throughout the day. Luckily Alex Hollywood has put together a delicious lunch time recipe with Mission Deli Wraps. I made a slight few tweaks as it's what I already had in the house.

Serves: 2-3 - depending how hungry you are!

Leftover roasted chicken
Selection of roughly 200g of roasted vegetables. I used a leek, mushrooms, an onion and a courgette.
1/2 pack of feta cheese
1 tsp of Harissa paste
I tbsp of olive oil
Some rocket leaves
Half a lemon
175ml of plain Greek yogurt
1 tsp of mint sauce
2-4 Mission Deli Mediterranean Herb Wraps*

1. Whisk the Harissa paste, olive oil and lemon juice in a bowl before coating the vegetables in the sauce. Make sure you season well.

2. Once the vegetables are roasted, spoon a small mixture into the middle of the wrap.

3. Next pop the roast chicken on top and a small handful of rocket leaves. Then crumble the feta before wrapping.

4. Mix the yogurt and mint sauce together, season to taste and use as a dip on the side.

I'd love to know if you decide to make this - make sure you drop me a tweet!


  1. This sounds so yum Sophie!! Def adding to my Recipes folder for next week!

  2. I am so hungry right now!Fab!


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