Introducing the new Bol Flavours

We all know my life revolves around food on this blog. I love eating and even more than that, I love finding healthy options so I don't feel guilty about what I'm putting in my body. I especially love find healthy dishes for when I'm in a rush. Putting good food in your body doesn't need to take hours to prepare. This is where Bol is a lifesaver.

Inspired by local chefs and market stall traders, the brand has created three new recipes. Jamaican Jerk Chicken - pictured above - , Keralan Chicken Curry and Kansas BBQ chicken - the first ones in the range to contain meat. They make the perfect lunch. Nothing too heavy to make you feel groggy but packed with enough protein to keep you full throughout the afternoon.

The Jamaican Jerk Chicken - my personal favourite - is a mouth-watering combination of spiced, marinated pulled chicken in a habanero chilli and coconut milk sauce. It's served with generous helpings of sweet potato, mixed peppers, sweetcorn and pineapple on top of black barley, pinto beans and peas. Delicious!

The Keralan Chicken Curry was designed by chef Meera Sodha who specialises in Indian dishes. The tasty meal is cooked in a black pepper and coconut sauce. The chicken is layered with lemon-spiked cauliflower and rice before being topped with a beetroot thoran. I would never in a million years have paired earthy beetroot with curry but it goes together perfectly. It's the star of this dish.

Finally the Kansas BBQ Chicken is inspired by the Deep South. The pulled chicken is paired with a lightly pickled cabbage slaw, sweetcorn and a yummy blend of quinoa and black rice.

The meals will be available in supermarkets from mid-October nationwide at £3.79 each. Keep your eyes peeled!


  1. I love the veggie ones of these for when I'm being super lazy! x

  2. Mmmmm, these sound yummy, definitely up for trying out the jerk chicken flavour. xx



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