Money doesn't always equal happiness

Money. Money makes the world go round. Or so everyone leads you to believe. I was one of these people who spent money like water. I wanted to do everything and anything. I still do. But I don't have a full time job. So that makes it kinda hard.

At first I was unbelievably upset that I couldn't have my monthly spree on ASOS, treat myself to a Pret baguette or go out for spontaneous Friday night drinks. I moped around whining and sulking about the fact my bank account wasn't regularly being topped up by wages.  But then all my family, boyfriend and friends rallied round me. I realised money wasn't the centre of my happiness. They were.

When everything comes crashing down around you, you start to question where you are in life and how you get out of the rut, these are the people who have your back. They're the people who help you realise nothing's the end of the world. You just have to pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get back on the life road full steam ahead. They help you belly laugh, smile until your jaw aches and help you get back in the game. If they're lovely boys, they may even buy you a beautiful bunch of flowers to let you know they're thinking of you. Or if they're good parents they'll bring you home a bottle of perfume from their travels and treat you to dominos to cheer you up. Or friends who send you hilarious memes to remind you why you're friends in the first place.

Next time you feel down about your lack of friends, remember money isn't central to your happiness. The people you surround yourself by are. Don't take them for granted.


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