Exploring the UK: Whitstable, Kent

Last weekend we decided to have a spontaneous trip to the Seaside for some fish and chips. Not really knowing where to go, we had a handful of places in Kent that were possibilities. As we were driving down the motorway, we saw a turn off for Whitstable and decided to take a chance. What a good decision that was!

Whitstable is such a quaint little seaside town full of pastel coloured houses, oyster shacks and cute, quirky boutiques. We only ventured down to the harbour which wasn't the most picturesque of seafronts but realised there was a whole other beach that we didn't discover as we drove home. Next time!

We stuffed our faces with the most delicious fish and chips at VC Jones. The crispy battered haddock, chunky chips and the curry sauce were the perfect Saturday afternoon treat. After a wander in a few of the boutiques, a quick browse of an old fashioned sweet shop for some strawberry bon bons and a pitstop for some salty cockles, we headed back. October isn't too warm by the seaside!

It was such a lovely afternoon and made me realise just how much I loved wandering along a seafront soaking up the salty sea air and gazing out longingly at the coast. I often forget we're a tiny little island in the middle of North Sea! The trip was short but sweet so I'll definitely be back as soon as the elusive sunshine appears!


  1. Looks like a lovely day! There's nothing like exploring by the seaside - such a great way to spend an afternoon.

    Zoe | floral and feather

  2. I love the seaside. No matter what the weather is like, there's something about being by the sea which relaxes me.

  3. I love the seaside out of season when it's cold and the tourists have gone home! Love your spontaneous adventure, it looks gorgeous! I wish I'd explored some of Kent when I was living in London x

  4. This looks ace, I love being by the sea, I find it so relaxing!

    Love the snazzy new look too!

    Maria xxx

  5. This looks like such a cute place to visit! x


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