Review: Tefal Optigrill

I love to cook - it's one of my favourite things to do. When Ideal World TV asked me if I wanted to road test a new gadget for Easter, I obviously said yes please. I opted for the Tefal Optigrill as I'm always trying my best to eat a bit healthier. Salmon is obviously the best choice for Good Friday!

I decided to grill salmon and an assortment of vegetables. The grill allows you to cook your meat, fish or veg exactly how you want it. If you're a rare steak kind of person, no problem. If you're a well done burger, no problem either. It gives such great flexibility. It's so simple to use too - a whole range of beeps let you know exactly what stage you're up too.

You first have to let it warm up before placing your food of choice on the grilling plates. Select what your cooking, then press ok and the machine is ready to work it's magic! I sprayed a couple of sprays of Frylight to help keep the fish moist. There's a special card in the box that lets you know exactly what they recommend for each food groups to help you cook.

I had to wait for the circle to turn red before I knew the fish was ready. The screen changed from yellow (rare) to orange (medium) to red (well done). Each time a new stage is done, it lets out a reassuring beep so you know when to remove your food. As Easter is always such a busy time, it frees you up so you can concentrate on other things. No need to keep turning over and keeping a beady eye on it. You don't even have to cut your meat to check it's cooked as it'll guaranteed to be cooked to perfection!

I can't wait to try out some more dishes in the summer on it. I'm thinking some grilled turkey burgers will be just the ticket.


  1. This looks brilliant and super easy to use! x

  2. This looks amazing lovely, my fiancee has the george foreman grill (not as pretty as your tefal though) and it's so, so useful! Great post lady :)



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