14 reasons how you know you're a true Essex girl

1. You spend your life trying to speak nicely whenever you meet new people but they always see through the act. It's such a relief when you can just speak in your native tongue.

2. You find your Essex accent comes out in force when you've had a drink. You struggle to even understand yourself.

3. You have one pair of white high heels tucked away in your wardrobe. Because those shoes are the perfect summer shoe.

4. As soon as you open your mouth, everyone immediately knows where you come from. Then the jokes start.

5. You find yourself constantly dropping the H from words.

6. You've spend a good proportion of your childhood at Lakeside shopping centre. It was the only place to spend your Christmas and birthday money.

7. TOWIE may have put your county on the map but time someone shouts 'Shut UPPPP' in your face, you want to punch them.

8. You get annoyed when you go out and the TOWIE stars have cornered off the best part of the club. Just where are you going to dance now?! Then you feel all excited because you've spotted someone you've seen on the telly.

9. You have about 7 different types of fake tan in your bedroom for when the matter arises.

10. You go out in East London for a change of scenery on a Saturday night only to realise the whole of Essex had the same idea. There is NO ESCAPE! That's what you get for living 20 minutes away from Liverpool Street Station.

12. You still opt for an Smirnoff Ice when you go on a night out in a club. It's the cheapest thing and reminds you of your youth.

12. Innit is a crucial part of your vocabulary.

13. No 'out out' night out is complete without a shed load of bronzer. It makes the world go round.
14. You feel very protective over your little county and will defend it all night long. Only you are allowed to run it down.

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  1. haha love this! I always think of Essex as being quite nice, I have never visited although when I was 18 I met a guy from Dagenham in a nightclub lol...I was in awe of him a bit and loved his accent. x


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