4 tips to help you stay on the healthy eating track

It can be hard to keep on track when you're following a healthy eating plan. That bag of crisps always looks more tempting. Here a few tips that work for me.
1. Knock caffeine on the head and opt for a fruit tea.
I'm the first to admit I'm not at all a tea drinker. But I have been recently trying to encourage myself to drink fruit tea. I'm a bit fed up of drinking squash all the time. Most of the time you're not actually hungry when you get pangs so opt for a drink. A fruit tea still feels like a sweet treat and is a lot healthier than a chocolate bar! I was sent Kromland Farm organic teas and have become quite partial to the berry flavour.

2. Keep healthy snacks in your bag.
When you're out and about and hunger strikes, it's all too easy to grab a Mars bar. But always be prepared! Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. I was sent these Nairns oat biscuits and some 9bars. They both come in individual packets which makes them easy to pop in your bag. The biscuits contain 40% less sugar than a normal biscuit - my favourite are the mixed berries ones. The mixed fruit 9bar snack bars still feel indulgent but you know your eating all the good stuff!

3. Learn to distract yourself
I don't know about you but I often raid the cookie jar when I'm bored at home. So in order to distract my hands I settle down with my kindle. Before long you'll find yourself engrossed in a book and will have forgotten all about feeding your face.

4.Keep a food diary
This old chestnut eh? Everyone encourages this and it's no wonder. Quite often I shove a digestive in my mouth and promptly forget all about it. Then I have another. And another. Once you look at exactly what you're eating written down, it makes you think twice. It's a great way to help keep yourself on track.

Have you got any pearls of wisdom to pass on?


  1. I love 9 Bars - they definitely satisfy my sweet tooth! x

  2. I'm trying to keep healthy snacks on me all the time but sometimes I forget and then it get's really hard to say no to junk food!

    Feathers || Ah! So Cute!

  3. I definitely think having healthy snacks around is super helpful xo


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