Review: Dishoom

For my annual birthday meeting with the Dream Team girls, I opted for a lunch at Dishoom. Modelled on a Bombay cafe, this delicious gem offers Indian food with a hint of Iranian influence. You'll definitely see the Middle Eastern inspired dishes. This it's not Indian food as you know, there's hardly a curry in sight! Instead you'll be presented with pure Indian comfort food. Mouth watering lamb chops, calamari, dhal and kebabs are all on the menu.

Hannah managed to persuade me to share - only child over here! - and thank god she did. It's the best idea she's ever had. We opted for a delicious concoction of moreish Okra fries, charred Panner Tikka, smokey Gunpowder Potatoes, garlicky lamb chops, rich Black House Dahl, fragrant Basmati Rice, decadent Chicken Ruby, molten cheesy naan and a fresh plain naan. Sounds like a feast eh? Everything was absolutely delicious. We ordered just the right amount of food for three people and left with very full bellies.

Personal highlights included the addictive okra fries and the tantalising creamy tikka panner. I'm already planning a trip back!

Have you ever ventured to Dishoom?

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  1. Mmm this looks so good Sophie! So sad I missed out </3

  2. ZOMG have only heard good things - soooo tempted to head over for dinner! x

  3. I love the gunpowder potatoes and the dahl there. In fact, it's all delicious!!

    Rosie xx

  4. Yum! I love Indian food and middle eastern/medeterranian style is my favourite! My mom makes amazing middle eastern cuisine. Xxxx

  5. This sounds like my ideal restaurant! I could actually smell it as I read,I swear..

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  7. This sounds so so good!

    Maria xxx

  8. Oh gosh, everything looks super yummy, real hearty comforting food! xo

  9. I nearly went to dishoom recently but we just didn't make it for some reason. I've seen really mixed reviews and wasn't too sure about the prices. Do you get much in each dish? x

    1. The dishes aren't massive but they're made for sharing so suppose that's to be expected. If you choose wisely though I don't think it will be too expensive!


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