H&M Home haul

I'm in full on 'buying everything in the world for my house' mode. Let's forget about the fact that I'm not moving out for another two years. Rather concentrate on how fricking good H&M Home is? Lets take a look at what I've been spending my pennies on.
I actually bought this originally as a blog prop but it will be lovely on my future dressing table housing all my favourite knick knacks. Mostly perfume, jewellery,lipstick and nail polish. All of life's essentials. Prepare to see this beauty popping up a lot in future posts.
Round gold tray

I love a jar. Especially glass jars. I thought these would be fantastic in any room of the house holding little bits and bobs. At the minute I'm envisioning them in the kitchen holding my baking things. When I next get paid I'm going to pick up a couple more of these. Just don't tell my boyfriend.
Small Glass jar with a gold lid
Large lass jar with a gold lid

I seem to be making it a habit to buy handwash only things. These glasses are no exception. But look how pretty they are? Admittedly they do feel quite delicate and flimsy so I'll only be able to hand them out to house guests who can be trusted. These glasses won't be making any appearances at house parties!
Tumbler glass with a gold trim

I will hold my hands up and admit I saw these at Hannah's house and went online practically the next day to buy them for myself. That girl has taste! I love the industrial, Scandinavian feel of them. I think my current copper infatuation comes from a fond childhood memory of seeing my nan's house over run with brass. It just looks so classy.
Large copper metal candlestick
Small copper metal candlestick


  1. Great haul, love those jars and might have to get some myself actually! The tumblers are very cute as well.

  2. I really like buying homeware, the candlesticks are particularly lovely.

  3. I love jars but I tend to just save and reuse jam ones.

  4. I like the watch and glitter polish.



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