Recipe: Rocky Road

Sometimes you fancy a sweet treat but don't want to spend house slaving over a cooker. This is where rocky road comes in! It's so simply yet tastes to good. I loosely used Nigella Lawson's recipe but added in a few of my extras instead - it was just what I already had in the cupboard.

300g of good quality dark chocolate
1 packet of oreos
125g of baking margarine
3 tablespoons of golden syrup
100g of mini marshmellows
1 box of malteasers

1. Break the chocolate into squares and melt in a large saucepan alongside the butter and the golden syrup .Keep aside 125ml/or 1/2 cup of the mixture.

2. Pop the oreos and the malteasers into a freezer bag and bash with a rolling pin. You'll want crumbs and small chunks of chocolate.

3. Fold the biscuit mixture into the melted chocolate in the saucepan. Then add the marshmallows.

4. Tip into a nine inch square tray and spread evenly. Pour the leftover mixture on top and smooth it over.

5. Refrigerate at least for two hours but overnight would be best if you have the time.

6.  Cut into 24 fingers, tuck in and enjoy!

As always tweet me if you make them - I'd love to see some pictures!


  1. So glad I didn't know the ingredients before eating about 10 of these at the weekend! SO good! x

  2. these looks so good that my mouth is watering...yum! <3

  3. I love Rocky Road! They're so easy to make and are still so so yummy :)


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