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I'm still trying to eat well and although I've managed to lose 6lbs since Christmas, I'm still carrying 1lb of Christmas weight. Those burgers and cakes clearly aren't helping matters. I was very kindly sent a yummy selections of goodies - more coming later! - from Nairns to help me keep on track with my healthy eating. The brand may be known for their oatcakes but they've also got some wheat-free oat crackers in their repertoire too. Perfect if you're not too keen on oatcakes! I've got my three favourite toppings to talk about - it makes a great change from munching on a bag of crisps at your desk!
Cream cheese and smoked salmon
This is such a classic and very tasty. I find the tiny individual pots of Light Philadelphia are perfect to take in your pack lunch. Simply smear some on a cracker and then top with a piece of salmon. Not too much as you don't want to overpower the cream cheese. Plus smoked salmon is very salty!

Guacamole and sundried tomatoes
I could easily eat sundried tomatoes like sweets. They're a great supplier of vitamin C and A as well as offering your body much needed calcium and magnesium. This will help your blood pressure. They provide the perfect accompaniment to zesty lime of the guacamole. I think this one is my favourite - it will work well with avocados too. I just find they go off a lot quicker - I can never use them up in time!
Low fat Hummus and chutney
This may sound a bit odd but it really does work well together. The sweetness of the chutney pairs great with the grainy hummus. You can never have too much hummus in your life right? Make sure you get the low fat version - it tastes exactly the same but you can save important calories.

Do you have suggestions for toppings?


  1. Yummm, guacamole and sundried tomatoes sounds like something I can get on board with! And the hummus and chutney sounds genius! Sad I'm missing out on Lily's annual indoor picnic now ):

  2. Definitely going to try the last two. Would never have thought to try chutney and hummus.

  3. I love sundried tomatoes too, definitely need to try this! x

  4. Oh yum! These all look so good. I think I'm going to have to try these out myself!

  5. Damn these look amazing, and it's great that they're such a healthy alternative too!

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