Review: Boom Burger

After reading about Boom Burger on The Londoner, it had been on my radar for a long time. But I very rarely venture West - East London is my ends. Maybe North if I'm feeling adventurous. I was staying overnight in Lancaster Gate, London last week and thought we might as well try it out. How right we were to take the plunge.

The restaurant is teeny tiny but what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for with delicious food. We plonked ourselves at the bar with Michael Jackson ringing in our ears and scoured the menu. I already knew I had to try the jerk chicken burger before I'd ever glanced down. I LOVE jerk chicken, I could eat it all day long. The Jerk Boom consisted of shredded spicy chicken on top of fried plantain with a handful of rocket - a delicious mango and pawpaw sauce is smothered on the bun. It was messy and dirty and exactly how it should have been. The fried plantain added the perfect amount of crunch and the shredded chicken was soft and tender. The incredible moreish saltfish fritters mixed with chilli and herbs were divine. They easily outshone the fries and packed a decent amount of heat. That rum punch? I was guzzling it like water.

One thing's for sure - I'll definitely be trekking west so I can sample it again. I've got the whole menu to work through!

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  1. This sounds epic! My "things to eat in London" list is ever growing with your recommendations!

    Christy x
    Dinner Stories

  2. Thats more than just a burger...its massive x

  3. Burgers should always be messy and dirty, the messier the better! xx

  4. You made me so hungry, girl! <3

    Lovely blog, I would be so happy if we could follow each other? :)


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