Last week I was invited along to a special sushi making class at Broadgate in the city through work. I caught the train into Liverpool Street and trotted on down to K10 to take part in the first Spring into Health event.

Taking place from March to May, the events are aimed at helping city workers gain a fresh perspective to nutrition, wellness and fitness. Broadgate held a study and found out a staggering 50% of Londoners only occasionally think about nutrition. Even more shocking 80% of Londonders rarely have time or simply just don't bother to think about what is in their food before they purchase it. They taken it upon themselves to change this. Check out the website for any upcoming events.

Having only shamefully tried supermarket sushi I was excited to try the real deal. Craft has never been my strong point as I suffer with zero coordination but I was willing to give this rolling lark my best shot. As it turned out my rolling wasn't the best but thanks to some patient chefs I eventually perfected my sushi and prompted ate it all in record time.

It was really interesting to hear all about the history of sushi and some facts about what ingredients are used and why. As a complete foodie I love hearing about all different cuisines and find it fascinating to find out why cultures employ certain practices. A word of warning you should never plonk your chopsticks in a bowl of rice in Japan unless you want to severely offend your guests. It's the sign of death!

We were kindly given a 20% off voucher and I can't wait to return with my boyfriend and sample some different types. I've got a taste for it now!

Have you ever been to a sushi making class?


  1. oooh this sounds like so much fun, you can buy kits in the supermarket too where you get the seaweed and rice and a roll mat and you just add fish etc

  2. this sounds amazing! I've always wanted to make my own sushi xx

  3. Looks like you had a great time Sophie! I'm not a fan of sushi but this looks really fun!


  5. I'd love to do this. I've only ever eaten sushi, never made it. One day soon I'm going to try making it at home! :) x


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