Review: Annie-Maes Mac and Cheese

London street food is killing it at the minute. Gone are the days of a greasy cardboard tasty burger in a stale bun. Now there's not a cuisine that isn't on offer for Londoners.

Mac and Cheese is something that I've grown to adore. Despite being a lover of cheese there was something about it I didn't like until this past year. Now I love to shove it in my face at an alarming rate. I'd heard lots of good things about Annie Maes on the blogger/Twitter grapevine so when I saw them at the Classic Car Boot (more on that soon) I made a beeline and marched straight over.

I opted for the delicious sounding Don Macaroni. Topped with tasty pesto, fresh basil and crispy bacon, it looked like heaven in a paper cup. I took my first fork full and I was hooked. It was unbelievably cheesy, if a little sticky, and got creamier the further you dug in. The pesto was the perfect partner to the cheese and the salty bacon gave it a lovely crunch. The macaroni melted in your mouth and it was free from any dreaded hard pasta. I didn't want the bowl to end and I could easily have put another cup full in my belly.

You'll find Annie Maes at street food extraganza Kerb and various other places around London Town. Just check their website!


  1. Oh my god, I love Mac and Cheese, I like the idea of spicy juan flavour!

    Girl in Brogues

  2. Oh my god, I wish i could reach out into my screen and have a bite. Cracking photos too xxxx I want lobster

  3. This looks amazing!! That pesto on top sounds perfect. So sad I missed out! x

  4. mmmm would love some right now! Might try and make my own xx

  5. man that mac and cheese looks sooo good, its making me hungry! :) x

  6. Looks like a awesome place to eat!

    Giveaway <3 SHE WALKS Blog

  7. Oh lordy, I want some now! I haven't had a good Mac 'N Cheese since 2007. True story. I hope they start coming to other cities.

    Tara x

  8. Good, God that really does look heavenly! Seeing streetfood vendors like this just reminds me that we're ever-so close to summer now *squeals*

    Katie <3


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