Feburary Empties

Running a little behind schedule with the empties this month!

001. Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic c/o
In fact I've already brought myself another bottle so that tells you how much I love it. A little goes a long way and it gently gets rid in one swoop of any make up you've left behind. It feels soft on my contact wearing eyes - some toners can make my eyes feel sore. It's prefect to use in the morning to wake you up as it feels lovely and refreshing first thing.

002. Bioderma
Review here

003. Batiste Dry Shampoo Medium and Brunette
This is my favourite edition!
Review here

004. Dove Deeply Nourishing Moisturising Body Wash
I think Dove is fantastic. It brilliant value for money and always does a good job. This body wash wasn't any different. Did exactly what it said on the tin. If I didn't have the whole of Boots in my bedroom, I'd rush out and replace it. It's a great unisex wash too.

005. Marc Jacobs Dot Shower Cream
The smell wasn't too overpowering and tied in nicely when worn with the perfume. It has a gorgeous sweet smell. It lather very nicely indeed but you did have to put a generous amount on the sponge to make it last.

006. Seventeen Back Lash c/o
Seventeen reminds me of my wasted youth when I'd spend my £20 a  week wages from Next on the latest polishes and eyeshadows. I always think the brand is great value for money and have never tried a dud product. Along with eyelash curler this created a lovely long lash despite it being slightly wet on application. I'm finding this a lot with mascaras recently. Only me?

Have you tried any of these products?


  1. Always a sad day when the Bioderma runs out! x

  2. You've reminded me how much I love Liz Earle's skin toner, it smells amazing. Must get another one :) x

  3. I'm almost Batiste! I'm almost out too and need to buy a new one.


  4. I'm still desperate to try Bioderma!

  5. Bioderma is fantastic - i love ll of their products , they are affordable and have great action...nice choice...


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