Another trip around London with the last one being a tour of Brick Lane. Admittedly I haven't actually eaten in Chinatown (a buffet doesn't count!) despite it being on my London bucket list but I have spent many a day wandering around. Tucked away behind Leicester Square, it's a series of winding roads filled with Chinese bakeries, restaurants, hairdressers and supermarkets. You won't find just Chinese eateries though, i've spotted Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese.  It's always hustling and bustling with tourists and locals alike roaming the streets. The big gates at the entrance and exit makes the perfect photo opportunity. If you're ever in London, it makes a great trip as Oxford Street and Piccadilly are both within a short walking distance. It would be a shame to pass it by!


  1. I love a wander around Chinatown! x

  2. I've never been, it looks fab though! I have always wanted a cheongsam dress but have never got my hips in one! X

  3. We need to go to my favourite dessert parlour in Chinatown! ;) can we do a Dream Team Chinatown dinner soon?! x

  4. Love your photos. Looks like somewhere to explore.

  5. I love chinatown, I normally go for a huge bowl of noodles and karaoke :) xx

  6. Aww I love Chinatown too! I love the smells and the colours, you really could be abroad if you shut your eyes (in a wonderful way!) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad


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