This week i'm loving: Clay Masks

Commuting really does take it's toll on your skin. Early risers and light nights do not go very well together, I brought this clay mask following a recommendation from Elodie whilst we were in Paris last year. I've been using it around twice a week for the last month or so to try and keep my skin into check. After using a hot cloth cleanser I put on a good thick layer of the mask and leave it on my face for around 10 minutes. Once the time is up I remove it using a lukewarm muslin cloth and slap on my night cream.

I've noticed a clear reduction in the unsightly blackheads around my nose and my skin has lost it's tightness. It feels a lot more smooth and less like sandpaper. I feel it's going to become a stable in my winter skincare routine and will be purchasing another as soon as it runs out.


  1. Sounds really interesting, have never tried this brand before x

  2. I LOVE a good face mask- French brands are always the best! I use Thalgo's range which is a sea mineral range & that's great too. I've never done a clay mask but I will give this a go!

    Sarah-Jane xo

  3. i'm ashamed to say i still use the montagne jeunesse masks that everyone used to use at sleepovers, maybe its time for me to upgrade to something like this! x

  4. This sounds great - definitely one to pick up on my next trip to France! x


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