Animal instinct

Leopard print long line blazer - Next (similar)
Black skinny jeans - Primark (similar)
Black sheer shirt - Primark (similar)
Burgundy leather loafers - Zara (similar)
Red gem statement necklace - Topshop (similar)
No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour - Cheeky Chops c/o

I'd seen this coat all over the blogworld - namely it was Jazmine who made me decide it needed to be hanging in my wardrobe- but as you probably know I'm pretty fickle and forgot about it for a while. After having a browse on the Next presale thanks to the mother it caught my eye once again. At just £30 I thought it was a well deserved punt. When it arrived I fell in love and think it's going to be the perfect cover up as the months gradually get a little warner. Nothing puts a spring in your step better than leopard right?


  1. that blazer is amazing, you look great! x

  2. I am so so jealous of the is entire outfit. Everything is on my want list right now! Those shoes look perfect for trousers and dresses and that coat ..swoon. Its so amazing xx

  3. So gorgeous Sophie, love the coat and your shoes! x

  4. I love this coat and those shoes are GORGEOUS!

    Maria xxx

  5. Sophie I cannot express how much I love this coat. If you wear it when we next meet up I fear I may be stealing it away!

  6. Aaah that coat! I was wondering where I saw it first - you're rocking it sista! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  7. Love this coat! I rarely venture into Next these days after traumatic memories of opening at 5am for the sale but maybe I should! x


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