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Valentines Day. Codswallop or romantic? Personally my boyfriend and I prefer to spend the evening indoors gazing into each others eyes - pass the sick bucket - rather than venturing out into an overpriced restaurant squeezed in like cattle. We celebrate Valentines Day the following day and get to pick off the normal menu rather than a fixed one. Who said romance was dead after 7 years?!

In a bid to try to be romantic, we've decided to hold an indoor picnic this year in front of the telly watching our favourite films. I'm voting for Leonardo DiCaprio. I much prefer a buffet style dinner anyway - roasted pepper hummus for the win!  One of goodies we shall be stuffing our faces with is the chocolate fondue below. Melted chocolate complete with heart-shaped marshmallows, strawberries, mini shortbreads and bananas is what dreams are made off. Complete with a glass of this tasty Gallo Family Vineyard Moscato, it really is a match made in heaven. The fruity flavours of peach, orange blossom , citrus and pineapple make it the perfect accompaniment for a cheeky dessert and with a RRP £6.99 it's not going to break the bank. Thanks for letting me sample the wine Gallo!

How are you going to be spending Valentines Day?


  1. My gosh, choc fondue is amazing! :)

  2. Well this looks like a bloody good suggestion! How tasty! My bf will be on crutches this year after major surgery so we'll see what we do! Last year he totally outdid himself though - it was so romantic!

    Katie <3

  3. I'm single for v-day - can I have the fondue all to myself, please?! x

  4. mmm yum. I agree- I'd much rather be indoors on Valentine's Day and not squeezed into a restaurant. I also like letting D cook for me :) xx

  5. mmmm I'm going to steal this idea :) I'm doing a night in and watching Great British Railway journeys because we are both huge geeks ;) xxx


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