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Black crochet midi dress - H&M Trend (similar)
Silver snakeskin platforms - Next (similar)
Sliver ball Return To Tiffany charm bracelet - Tiffany & Co (similar)
Grey drop pearl earrings - Birthday present

I was frantically shopping for some black pumps when I came across this dress in H&M and decided now and then I had to have it. It was brought completely on whim and I actually trekked to two different stores to make sure I could take it home. H&M is never usually a store I shop in very often as the jumble sale-esque layout isn't my favourite. I like to be able to shop stress free and see everything clearly on display. This was hanging clearly in view so it was obviously meant to be. I decided to pair with it some 70's style platform shoes to help give me some height. I find a midi can look frumpy on a night out if they're not paired with heels. I wore this out at the weekend for an evening out watching a Take That tribute act after tagging along with the mother and my friend.

This week is slightly less jam-packed than usual which is proving to be a god send. As I'm coming down with a cold I'm loving popping my onesie on as soon as i get in the door from work and snuggling down in front of the telly. Socialising is fun but boy is it tiring! I've also managed to get quite a few Christmas presents out of the way so I'm feeling rather smug! Boots 3 for 2 is proving to be very helpful!


  1. Boo, I hope your cold shifts soon! I too, can't wear a midi without heels, it just seems wrong, somehow.

  2. Love this dress! the lace hem is soo pretty! :) xx

  3. This dress is GORGEOUS! Really wish I could pull off a midi like you :)

    Maria xxx

  4. Your dress is incredible, you look amazing! Snuggling in a onesie sounds like a perfect way to spend your evenings! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  5. This is such a pretty dress!

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  6. Sophie this dress is beautiful!

  7. your hair is looking so swooooshy lately! haha. love this dress <3

  8. lovely dress, Missy! You look fabulous x

  9. Love the dress you look great in it! I'm also taking huge advantage of boots 3 for 2 at the minute ha



  10. that dress is so gorgeous! it looks great with your body shape and so elegant too


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