Sometimes I love ya, sometimes you make me blue

Faux fur leopard print collarless coat - Next (similar)
Sheer long sleeved shirt - Primark (similar)
Khaki super soft skinny jeans - Primark (similar)
Leather heeled ankle boots - Topshop (similar)
Black gem statement ring - Topshop (similar)

You can tell these jeans are super skinny- they look like a second skin but I'd rather they be tight then give me baggy knees! The end of November means the faux fur coats are in rotation in a bid to try and not freeze to death. The temperature really seems to have dropped eh? I'm not looking forward to snow arriving and disrupting my life. I'm not a fan of the white stuff.  I'll never for the life of me understand why the public transport system comes to a standstill. You'd think after all these years we'd learn to be better equipped! I've had a few red lowlights put through my hair as a bit of a change. You might be able to notice!

I'm trying to make the most out of my final few weeks working in London as my company is relocating to North Essex. It's right at the other end of the county to where I live so my commute will double but I'm seeing it as a new challenge to meet head on. New surroundings and a new place to explore will be fun! It'll be sad as i'll have to say no to the majority of blogging events as I won't make it back in time to the city. Meeting other bloggers and having a sneak peak at new collections is one of my favourite things about the community. My social life will take a bit of a battering but maybe my bank account will be a lot more healthy because of it!


  1. I love that coat, you've reminded me I think I have some similar x

  2. love the coat, might dig out my faux fur this weekend. Maybe less time in London will mean more money for trips :) xx

  3. Love those jeans and your amazing coat Sophie! Hope all the office-moving prep is going okay, fingers crossed your commute will be easier (:

  4. Aww Sophie I'm sure you won't be out of London for long ;) xxxx

  5. Good luck with the changes at work! You're definitely looking super cosy in that coat, it sure is freeezing here up North too! x

    The Little Things

  6. Love the coat ! You suit it

  7. Fabulous coat. Good luck on the office relocation.

    X x

  8. Lovely outfit Miss. The boots are just lovely, and the coat is amazing.
    You gorgeous thing <3 xx

  9. You work that coat so well! Looking fabulous x

  10. Love the faux fur and your hair is looking gorgeous! Good luck with the office move too, I imagine that could be pretty stressful!

    Maria xxx

  11. Hey Sophie! Faux fur is a great option for this time of year - it's so chilly now! Good luck with your new job - change can be a great thing!!

    MB x

  12. gorgeous, love that fur coat xx

  13. Ahh I love your coat! You look beautiful as always sweet <3

    Jennie xo |


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