Derry, Ireland

My boyfriends dad is Northern Irish and after hearing family rave about the wonder what is Halloween, we decided to fly over and see what all the fuss is about. After packing our costumes, we all bundled to the airport after being pre-warned to stock up on sleep as we were going to have a busy three days.

Although I vaguely knew about the Troubles in Ireland, I wasn't really 100% sure exactly why it started and why there was a struggle. It's not something that was ever touched upon in British history lessons at school and I really do think it's important for youngsters to understand. Connor's cousin took us all to a musuem - history geek at heart! - about the history of the city from way back when to modern day. It was so interesting and I had no idea the struggle between both the Catholics and Protestants dated back to the Tudor times. His cousin then took us around the city walls pointing out certain places of interest - it's always handy to have someone with insiders knowledge! Connor and I wandered over to Bogside which is home to all the famous murals and Bloody Sunday memorial. Everyone seemed so unbelievably young on the Bloody Sunday memorial - some were tragically just 17 years old.   It was quite a strange and sad feeling wandering through the streets trying to imagine what it would have been like with the army patrolling and riots happening outside your front door.

That mix match of food on a silver pot above is what I was informed was a local delicacy. In the same way we love to get a cheeky kebab in Essex whilst having a night out, the chicken box is what the people of Derry scoff their faces with. Consisting of a layer of chips, cheese, mayo, fajita mix and chili sauce. It tasted nice at the time but it's not something I would even entertain trying if I was sober. But when in Rome eh? The amazing view at the top is right outside Connor's uncles front door. Imagine waking up to that every day? Let me tell you though, that is one steep hill to walk down to into the city! We had an fantastic view of the fireworks over the river on Halloween night. The best seat in the house! I have one word for Halloween in Derry... Carnage. I'd never seen so many people on the street! Some of the costumes were absolutely brilliant. My personal favourite was a group of about 20 people dressed up as zebras!

I'd love to go back as I feel we only really scratched the surface. Belfast and the Giants Causeway are just a few places that spring to mind as well as exploring Derry a bit more. As it's only really a hour plane journey away, there's no reason why we shouldn't visit more often.

Have you ever been to Northern Ireland?


  1. I've never been to Ireland, although two of my closest uni friends came from Derry and used to tell me all about it.

  2. It's insane that it's part of the UK but I know so little about it. So many women in mainland UK don't even realise they have archaic abortion laws there too. I really want to visit at some point because you can get cheap flights from Cardiff, don't really have an excuse not to go xx

  3. Yep, love Derry its a brilliant city and its so often overlooked in favour of Belfast.Fab post! Fiona x

  4. I've never been but I have some good friends from N.Ireland, so will have to make the visit one day :)
    Keep in touch!
    Andrea xxx

  5. great photos!

  6. This sounds like an amazing trip, the history is fascinating!

    Maria xxx

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