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If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll probably have already have came to the conclusion that burgers are my favourite thing to shove in my mouth. It's taken me a while to get round to trying out Five Guys - Obama's fave dontcha know! - so when it was decided we needed an office lunch outing, this burger chain was my suggestion. We didn't queue as we had an early lunch but by the time we'd finished it was starting to get very busy. Make sure you visit off peak!

I opted for the cheese burger with the toppings of tomato, onions and ketchup and a side of small cajun fries. A word of warning - the portion size of the fries is humongous. That brown bag at the back was nearly full up. My boyfriend, who has been known on more than one occasion to finish a whole KFC bargain 12 piece bucket on his own, couldn't even finish a portion when he went. He's an human dustbin so you know the portion size is kinda out of control if he doesn't finish it. One of the unique selling points of Five Guys is the sheer amount of fizzy drink combinations on offer. There's over a 100 to choose from. I was boring and just opted for diet coke but you can go wild!

After being disappointed with the offerings at Shake Shack , I was hoping and praying Five guys didn't leave me with the same sinking feeling. Fear not friends, Five Guys was amazing. The fries were delicious, slightly a bit too spicy after you've shoved a few too many in your mouth but a perfect amount of kick. The cajun seasoning meant they were morish enough to munch without a sauce. The burger was ridiculously messy to eat and was all over the place. It's near on impossible to eat like a lady. The generous layer of plastic cheese - my guilty pleasure in a burger! - helped to add to the flavour. The bun held together quite nicely without breaking too much. It did go soggy after a while but it's what i'd expect for a fast food burger. The burger tasted of much nicer quailty than other fast food chains i've tried - you felt like you were eating meat unlike a certain chain beginning with M. The most important thing was it made me go 'mmmmmm so good' with my mouth full. That's the main thing right?! Five Guys, you win this American fast food battle for me!

Have you tried Five Guys?


  1. Reading this makes me realise how long (way too long) it's been since I last had a burger- so want to visit Five Guys now!

    Sophie <3 soinspo


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