Giveaway with Beara Beara

Fancy winning yourself a brand new bag?! What am I thinking - of course you do! The lovely guys at Beara Beara got in touch and have offered the above bag to one lucky winner. It's the top seller in Topshop concessions don't you know?!

The story behind the brand is pretty special. Beara Beara were founded by a travel writer living in Bolivia, Latin America. After meeting a talented bag maker named Julia who was selling leather bags from a tiny back street shop along with her extended family and collaborating on unique designs, Beara Beara was born. The company actively encourages employment and every business is family run. The customer treats themselves to a snazzy new bag while helping out families in a third world country bring in much needed finances for their family. It's a win win situation and one that I think is pretty amazing.

The bags use vintage Andean cloths, known locally as Aguayos. Each Aguayo is hand woven and are unique to their region so you'll likely to be carrying around a one off. You have every right to be smug when someone comments on how pretty it is! The impressive art of making these cloths are passed down through generations over hundreds of years and reflects the fascinating history of the indigenous Bolivian people.

The giveaway ends on Sunday 24th November and I'll send a tweet/email out to the lucky girl. a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I LOVE this bag so much, fingers crossed! x

  2. I love this bag!!

  3. fab! can i just say, i am loving your blog!

  4. Cant believe more people haven't entered yet, its gorgeous! xx

  5. That's a gorgeous bag and ethical, too! I'd love it for my travels. Someone's going to be very lucky! x


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