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Long time readers of my blog will know that i've been on Weightwatchers since Feburary. I've always struggling with my weight - and I honestly think I always will - simply because I like my food. There's no two ways about it. I really enjoy eating and often stuff my face until I can't move. As you can imagine this does nothing to help my waistline.

I was doing so well - I'd lost 16 pounds - until around May and then my nan became ill and sadly died. It really threw me off track for about two months. We were nursing her at home and my eating pattern was all over the place and then we'd regularly visit my grandad after she passed away. You can't feed a 70 year old man 'rabbit food'! I've been desperate to get back on track but my mojo has been long gone. I've been in a constant battle of gaining 2lbs and then losing 2lbs, stuck in a stalemate.

This is why I was so estatic when I was contacted by Weightwatchers and asked if i'd like to become one of their blogger ambassadors. It's safe to say I jumped at the chance and think this is just the motivation I need to stop making excuses and become the skinny minnie I long to be.

I'll be very lucky to recieve hampers of food to help keep me on track and will gain access to the valuable e-source. Along the way i'll be instagramming my food diary and posting yummy recipes on my blog to prove being healthy doesn't have to be boring. I'll also be introducing the new approach. You don't have to deprive yourself of anything, just eat in moderation. Cliche but true! I'll be tracking my progress along the way as well as being honest about when I fall off the wagon. Let's be honest - that glass of wine can sometimes be hard to say no too.

Wish me luck! I'm getting back in the game!


  1. Yay well done for being chosen :). I need to eat more healthily too, I reckon that's the most important thing rather than seeing it as a diet. Best of luck xx

  2. Congratulations on being chosen and good luck with your goals. I've been trying hard to get back into being a little more disciplined around food, its hard work but so worth it! The WW goodies look great! x

  3. Wow congratulations and good luck, I'm sure you'll do great :)


  4. how brilliant for you. Really hope this helps motivate you x

  5. Second what Gem said! Looking forward to getting back in there and getting to goal :D xxxx

  6. This is amazing lovely! Good luck <3 xx

  7. Aww yay, congrats and good luck! <3


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