Christmas Motel Rocks style

I was luckily enough to be invited along to the Motel bloggers Christmas party and they know how to have a good time. The amazing venue tucked away in Shoreditch - I worked a stones throw away for 6 months and didn't even realise it was there - put on AMAZING cocktails which tasted exactly like apple pie. My all time favourite dessert.

As I arrived early I was excitably allowed to choose a dress to take home in the form of a gorgeous gold maxi dress. I can't wait to show it off during the festive season! Unfortunately I didn't get my hair done by Lee Stafford  but I took full advantage of having my make expertly done by MyFace and came away with fluttering eyelashes from Eyelure.

It was so lovely to catch up with blogger babes such as Hannah, Lily, Elodie, Michelle,  Aisling, Lauren, Kim and Joanna. I wanted to sneak the leather jacket above in my bag - amazing isn't it?! It's safe to say I was very excited to recieve my first Christmas present of the year - a Lee Stafford chopstick curling tong. Thanks so much Motel, I had a fantastic evening!


  1. I need that leather jacket in my life!! Looks like great fun :)


  2. Gorgeous pictures and looks liek lots of fun, can't wait to see your new dress :)

  3. You look lovely as always, can't wait to see the dress!

    Maria xxx

  4. looks like a fun night, I was sad I was away so missed it!x

  5. Yay! Thank you for the mention! :)
    It was such a great night! X

  6. After a couple of those cocktails I don't think I'd be interested in much else! That maxi sounds fab, can't wait to see it! x

  7. It sounds like a great night! The cocktails look delicious, can't wait to see the dress!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  8. Lovely pics - you truly have the most amazing fringe!!

    From a fellow fringemeister!! xx

  9. You are all well fit. And your bag is well nice too! ;) xx

  10. Super jealous of the cocktails, they look delicious! Can't wait to see your gold dress.

    Elise x

  11. Ooh, fashion parties in Shortditch, huh? Very posh! Looks like a good time, although there are some seriously scary studded shoes in the corner of one shot!


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