2012 outfits

Well 2012 has been an amazing year for my blog. I've somehow  managed to gain 429 followers - you're all mad but I'm very honoured -, gatecrashed many brilliant events with some fab opportunities and made some absolutely amazing friends (Dream Team forevs). Here's hoping 2013 will bring bigger and better things.

On a side note I never realised how much weight I lost until I went back to the beginning of the year! Hopefully this will give me the motivation to keep it up (plus lose what i've put back on) in the New Year.


  1. Yay a 2012 roundup! I love these posts :) Myyyyy favourite is your August, those trews are loooovely ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. Awww you look amazing! How could you need to lose weight?!?!
    I'm also just a little bit in love with June's dress! Xx

  3. I love this post! I have one similar that I'm working on :)
    I have to say, the Feb outfit is my all time fave of yours and I love June and September.
    You have lost weight, this new year - let's get on it! Weightloss gang lol xo

  4. Oh my god Sophie, you look gorgeous in every single one! I was scrolling down like 'this one's my favourite', 'no this ones my favourite' the whole way. I love them all! Congrats on all your blogging achievements this year, you deserve it. Hope you've had a fab Christmas x x x

  5. Love all of these outfits!!!

  6. You bloomin' gorgeous thing! I love all these outfits, the ASOS gingham dress in September is one of my favourites! xo

  7. Brilliant round-up! I love every outfit!
    Happy holidayss!
    Grace X

  8. I love seeing people's round ups, hope you had a fab Christmas x

  9. awww, such a fab year! I'm picking May as my favourite x

  10. Aww loved this post seeing all your outfits together. You look great x x

  11. I loved all of these outfits!

    Maria xxx

  12. You look a beaut in ALL THE MONTHS Sophie but I reckon April is ma fave : D


  13. Awesome outfit compilation- I am particularly fond of Miss September's outfit! Very pretty!

  14. What a year of beautiful outfits, I like February, May and June the best but they are all lovely. I can't see how you need to lose any weight, you have a perfect figure!!

    Happy New Year!

    Janine xx

  15. Great outfits, my favourite has to be Novembers <3 xx


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