Phase Eight S/S 13 preview

After getting embarrassingly lost a few weeks ago I finally made it to the Phase Eight press day with around ten minutes to spare - yes I was one of those dreaded people who comes right at the end! I'm very glad I did finally make it! My favourite pieces were the beautiful floral blazer and paisley printed trousers. I can just imagine them being the perfect statement pieces for the warmer months that currently seem a distant memory. The detailing on the floral dress also secured a special place in my heart - it will be an amazing choice for a day at the races. The tweed cropped blazer will be a great cover up when it gets chilly in the evening. Hopefully i'll be at either Newmarket or Ascot races this year! I was very kindly gifted a pair of sunglasses that have already gone in my summer drawer ready to be worn when we get our *ahem* heatwave next June - fingers crossed. I had to wrestle my mum for them though!

Which piece sets your heart aflutter?


  1. I always get lost, love the floral dresses, they do some gorgeous maxi dresses :)

  2. the floral blazer is lovely, hurry up Spring!x

  3. The first photo of a floral jacket got me hooked. It looks as if the spring was just around the corner. :) X

  4. They do some fab patterned pieces! xx


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