How to get party perfect hair

Now that the festive season is nearly upon us - how did it creep up so quick?! - it's time start thinking about party perfect hairstyles. Luckily Argos very kindly sent me a hair styler and came to the rescue. I'd been lusting after Babyliss Wave Envy for a while so was extremely pleased i'd been given the opportunity to try it out. I always find hair is easier to style the day after it's been washed or if you do wash it the same day, try not to use conditioner as it will make your hair too soft

001: I find it's a lot easier to curl your hair - especially if you have a huge mane like mine - if you divide it into sections. You can do this using clips or hairbands.

002:My personal favourite style is a headfull of curls and the great thing about this hair styler is that no two curls will be the same - giving you a unique style each time. Start at the very top and work your way down. Hold the styler in each place for about 20 seconds. You can do a shorter time but the curl won't be a pronounced.

003:Run your hands through the curls to loosen them up and give your head a little shake to seperate them.

004: Find a decent can of hairspray, - I swear by Vo5 Extra Strong Hold Weather Resistant as recommended by Lucy - hold your nose and spray like it's going out of fashion. Make sure you cover your whole head and spray underneath to stop it from dropping.

005. Ta-da! To help jazz it up you can choose a clip to pin a section away from your face or just leave your wild mane free and let the curls do the talking.
The great news is the curls stay in even after you have slept in them. I was very impressed I could have mermaid-esque hair for two days running - everyone commented on it!

Have you ever tried these hair stylers? Seen anything you fancy on the Argos website?


  1. love your gorgeous head of curls here x

  2. Wow you suit the curls so well :)

  3. Your hair looks so lovely like this!

  4. Your hair looks beautiful here, very mermaidy!

    Maria xxx

  5. ooooh love this! very mermaidy xx

  6. You look like a MERMAID! I love this, a glittery frock and you're good to go :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  7. Your hair looks amazing! So jealous of how long it is after I got mine cut off. x

  8. Ooooh, I do love your curls- I've always wanted curly hair, would be tempted to try these- I know you were sent these, but are they expensive?


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