Thrifty finds #3

Yet another installment of thirfty finds, I just keep finding more junk to add to my collection! We had two jumble sales on a couple of Saturdays ago and it was like a treasure trove. Unfortuately I can't show it all off as my mum put the teacups and saucers in the loft.

001: Glass cake stand
My mother and I go week at the knees for anything glass - yes we have a problem and no we don't want any help for it yet. Although it would have been better if it had legs we really couldn't leave this cake stand behind. Especially when it was only a £1. We really needed another one to add to our 1648738 collection.

002: 80s crimpline pink polka dot dress
It's very rare I find any clothes when I got junk hunting as I tend to get drawn to the bric and brac. I spotted this among the mountain of clothes and pulled it out for a closer look. At only 20p I snapped it up and thought it'd be perfect for the summer months.

003: Glass trinket box
Once again this is not something I needed but when jumbles offer me things for 50p how can I say no? It'd be rude not too. I actually spotted something identical in the Boots Christmas catalogue for £12 I think so i've definately grabbed a bargain. At the minute it houses all my perfume samples which saves them clogging up my shelf.

004. Men's clothes brush set
Ok so this is perhaps the most pointless thing i've ever brought.  But it was only 20p and in absolute pristine condition and it's old. You all know i'm a sucker for anything that's a blast from the past. At the minute it's sitting on my bookshelves but I think it'll look lovely on display on a dressing table. Just need to find myself that dressing table...

005-006: Glass sugar bowl and milk jug
My mother like to think of herself as the hostess with the mostess so this sugar bowl and milk jug were her idea of a perfect find. To be honest we don't really need them but once again when things are priced at 50p they're hard to leave behind. Besides things always get broken and you can never have too much. The exact words we tell my dad whenever we come back from our bootsale and jumble sale adventures.

Also i'd love to know as always if you have any idea of what era these goodies are from. I'm guessing the glassware is the 1970s and the dress is  the 80s but I have no idea about the men's clothes brush!


  1. That dress was 20p?! But it's beautiful!
    I was eyeing up the glass jar in Boots too, such a good find at that price! xx

  2. :o that pink dress is simply amazing! I would be over the moon if I'd found that, especially for 20p!!!! xx

  3. LOOOVE that men's brush set! I would probably put my phone in it or a diary planner thing tho haha but it's well cute and for 20p! BARGAIN!

    also, that dress is gonna look totally cute on you Soph!!

    Miss drifted Snow White

  4. Wow you're so lucky to find such gorgeous things on your jumble sale trips! Love the cake stand, it's beautiful x

  5. You did do well, that cake stand's perfect for your baking successes and the spotty frocks lovely! x

  6. loving allof these! I use a cake stand to put jewellery and nail polish on my dressing table, they are handy xx

  7. i'm in awe at the dress. TWENTY PENCE? FOR REAL?! incredible.xx

  8. I snapped up a gorgeous dress from a charity shop this weekend and thought it was a bargain at £3 - 20p is an absolute steal! My mum is a huge hoarder of 1970s crockery, we have a full set of plates, bowls, teacups and saucers in what should be a god-awful brown and beige pattern...but for some reason, it works...


  9. I need to go thrifting with you Sophie!!

  10. I'm so jealous of the day you found all these, it sounds like absolutely heaven! And I am totally with you on the having a problem about glass front. It just always surprises me that something so heavy and unbroken and beautiful can be that cheap and then it just has to come home with me. Happy thrifting.

    Elise x

  11. I am a bit in love with that dress! x

  12. That pink dress is lovely, what a great find for 20p! I need to start visiting jumble sales :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  13. I love that dress, the colour is so perfect! xo

  14. That dress is lovely and I want that cake stand! Jealous!

    Maria xxx

  15. wow you found such cool stuff! i really like the dress, very 60s ahah

    hope you'll visit back!

  16. All of the things you found are so cute! I especially love the dress!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  17. Sophie I KNOW that dress is going to look great on you...OUTFIT POST OUTFIT POST!



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