A snapshot #17

Just looking at this sheer amount of food is making me long to  get back onto weightwatchers tomorrow. I had this week off - you can probably tell! - to try and get back into the right mindset of losing weight. I haven't been doing very well since my nan died in May. I went off track for quite a few months but going to get back on it tomorrow with a vengence! Wish me luck!

I popped along with Hannah, Florrie and Aisling to the Katch Pr press day to ogle at beautiful clothes. We all lusted over the wonderful DB Berdan where it was like being transported back into Alice in Wonderland. The prints on the dresses were so girly and pretty. I wanted to smuggle everything home in my bag! What blogger meet up would be complete without going to Nandos on the way home?

My friend hosted her turn of Come Dine With me - mine is next eeeek! - and her theme for the night was American. We had corn dogs to start, the delicious burgers for main, key lime pie for dessert and an American cheese roll with crackers. Needless to say Mario Kart was very hard to play with all the food in my belly - I don't think I finish a race ha!

There's a place near where I live called Cakes and Shakes with a stirling reputation so we all decided to take a trip there yesterday afternoon. I opted for rolo milkshake and a chocolate chip cheesecake. It was ok - quite overhyped so i'm not sure i'll make it a regular thing.


  1. Not that you need it, but I hope you manage to get back on the diet!

    The dress is so pretty XO

  2. ah amazing food, I went to the Diner on friday night and stuffed my face too! x

  3. all that food looks amazing! I think we need a burger and cocktail meet up in the new year :) xx

  4. This food looks amazing, love that dress too!

    Maria xxx

  5. Gutted I couldn't come, I love that dress it's insanely pretty x

  6. You and your friends are so much fun. The food looks delicious. Cannot wait to see what you create for your turn.
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