F&F A/W preview

Last week the ever so wonderful Sarah invited me along to the Autumn Winter preview of F&F at tesco as her plus one. I've been to one  before so knew I would be in for a treat and I wasn't mistaken! I am always impressed by the beautiful clothes and how good the quality is. There were so many things - the tweed jackets in particular - that could have passed for Zara. The touch didn't feel like it was from a supermarket and I have no idea how they can keep the clothes so reasonably priced when they look this good. I'm not complaining though! I completely fell in love the Wednesday Addams - esque dress with the white collar and cuffs and will be keeping my beady eye out for it on the website. The matching cameo necklace and earrings have my name written all over them.
I'm considering treating myself to the black sequin pencil skirt to wear on Christmas eve - it's one occasion when you have to be sparkly! I've fallen head over heels for this boucle jacket but alas with Christmas coming up I can't justify it - times are tight with present buying. Suppose i'll just have to start selling more of my life on eBay...
How gorgeous does Lily's eyelashes look eh?
Aisling, Elodie and I really are just too cool for school. Aisling is completely rocking that beard.


  1. I love Tesco stuff and that sequinned skirt is lush!

    Maria xxx

  2. |Looks like you had a great time!
    Looking forward to Tesco latest collection - they have some great pieces!
    Grace X

  3. you've gotten me in a christmas mood.. now lets pucker up ;) x

  4. Great post, I really love F&F I find their clothes not only great quality but the designs really can rival the high street :) Looking forward to their new collections


  5. Love the cameo jewellery!
    I bought a sequin pencil skirt last year and it is a godsend - do it!! x

  6. looks like a fun night indeed, yes to some tweed! xx

  7. Looks like it was such a fun event - and I saw go ahead and treat yourself, the skirt is gorgeous!

  8. Awww, I wish I could make it to their latest event! Sounds like a blast.

    The Style Rawr!


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