A snapshot #18

This week has been another busy week - I need to slow down a bit as it's not good for my bank account or my sleeping pattern. I fear it's only going to get worse coming up to the festive season. With Meat Liquor and Wahaca both on the menu this week my skinny jeans are starting to feel a bit snug so next week i'll be on a health kick! I went with a few friends to see Rizzle Kicks on Friday and despite too much being alcohol comsumed it was such a good night. I couldn't wish for better people to do the hump with! London is beginning to feel very Christmassy with the reindeers at Westfield and giant Christmas trees in Covent garden - this year will be the first time in six years i'm not working so i'm very much looking forward to it. Not 5AM wake up calls on Boxing Day!

Have you had a jam-packed week too?


  1. Slowing down is a good idea. Awwww! What a beautiful tree! All lit up. Hooray to Christmas.

  2. Yes to not having to work on Boxing Day!

  3. Yay to not working on Boxing Day! I always make loads of plans and I am EXHAUSTED!

    Maria xxx


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