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Burgandy polka dot midi dress: Asos
Gold coloured statement necklace: Primark
Black leather ankle boots: Topshop
Black opaque tights: Primark
Zebra print umbrella: Primark

I'm fairly fickle but at the minute this is my favourite dress. It's the perfect dress for all occcasions. It's great to wear casual at the weekend - going for pie and mash like I am today! -, brilliant to be smart enough for work and fab for looking like you've made the effort for a friday night down the pub. Not bad for £32! I love Asos dresses for daytime wear as they're usually quite reasonable. After all who wants to spend £50 on a casual dress?!

I'm having a bit of a wardrobe crisis at the minute in regards to work wear. I have plenty to wear on evening out - just a shame I don't seem to go out anymore - and enough things to wear over the two day weekend. I have plenty of clothes but nothing I feel is suitable for work. It's quite a casual office and i've never done well with casual. I don't really feel comfortable wearing jeans to work and don't have that many everyday dresses. I've got all these pencil skirts and nowhere to wear them! Blogger problems eh?

What do you all wear to work?


  1. The dress is so pretty, I love the colour.

    I'm lucky enough to be able to work mostly in my pyjamas, so I can't help you! xo

  2. my post was very similar today - the umbrella was a must! I love the dress, it's gorgeous!
    I'm in 6th form at the moment, which has a work wear code, and I find the best way to dress each day, is find a few statement pieces, and do a 'mix match' look, so you swap the trends around, to give a more varied outfit selection!
    It works a treat for me!
    Grace X

  3. I wear pencil skirts with band t-shirts and jumpers. I find it hard to dress for work because the people I work with are about 40 but the students are more my age and dress very well x

  4. love this dress on you and burgundy is such a great colour for autumn x

  5. This dress is so so pretty. And you are fit. THE END!

  6. Gorgeous dress love the colour x x

  7. Gorgeous dress Sophie, this dress really suits you.

  8. That umbrella is awesome! I hate office wear, I wish I could be super glamourous in the office but I'm really not...

    The Style Rawr!

  9. I love this dress on you, I tend to vary what I wear in the office, try pencil skirts with a slouchy tee?

    Maria xxx

  10. That dress is gorgeous - I lvoe the pattern and the shape!

  11. you have such a great collection of midi dresses, this looks fab :) xx

  12. I am loving the colour of that dress x

  13. Ahhh I am so glad I have come across your blog, can't believe I've only found it now. It's so cute and versatile and sooo adorable, as are you! And I am completely jealous of your hair. Yes I am.

    Gemma x


  14. I love this dress, the style is so you. I think dresses are good for work - maybe with flats and a cardi if its quite a casual office? x

  15. I've got a few things this length and I'm never sure how to style them in the winter in terms of tights/footwear, but I love the look you've gone for here :)

    Elise x



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