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Cream skater dress: H&M
Heart patterned tights: Primark
Black faux suede wedges: New Look
Leopard print faux fur coat: Next
Gold ball necklace: Topshop
Gold round wire earrings: Topshop
Assorted gold bangles: Topshop, Acessorize and Primark
Red plastic watch: Toywatch

Yes yes I know I have worn this dress in my last proper outfit post but I am a pauper and don't have any money to buy any clothes. Plus everyone wears an outfit more than once right? Soz for the awful facial expression in the first picture, my camera is complete poop and it hates taking more than one picture.

I have not had this coat off my back since last Tuesday, it is perfect for winter. It has really gone cold recently. I also feel a bit like Bet Lynch in it which can only be a good thing as she rocked the old animal print back in the day. So pleased to be busting out my patterned tights, shamefully found about 7 new pairs in my drawers. Too pretty to be kept hidden away!

Off out for the first time in four Fridays, just a shame it is only to the local pub for some karoke. Quite a few people are work are leaving as they are opening up a Next Home store in town so they are transfering over. For £3 we get a the back room of a pub, as much buffet as we can eat and the chance to laugh at colleagues destroying their favourite songs. What more do you want from a night out eh? I have also been giving the weekend off work. Score! Going to try and source out some indoor bootsales or jumbles to visit. Seeing Foster the People Sunday night, guess I actually need to listen to a few of their songs. I only booked a ticket for a night out!

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I have had some good news. I will working full time back in London as from the week after next. I have been offered a two month internship in Hoxton with the possibility that it will be made into a more permament position is all goes well! Fingers crossed that I impress eh? I cannot wait to be back in the city and writing again!

What have all you lovelies got planned for weekend?


  1. HURRAH! on your internship! so pleased for you :) me and sarah also have serious fringe envy. Jel your going to karaoke! xxx

  2. dayuuummm, that jacket are good! love the dress on you also.

    & congrats again on your internship :)


  3. Sophie, you know I'm, one for wearing the same thing alll the time. It's how we roll you see!
    I am so jealous your off to do a spot of karaoke, I bet those mojito's will be flying off the shelves ;-)
    Eeep so happy for you and your job too lady. You'll be a fineee London lady!x

  4. Congratulations on your internship!
    Loving the faux fur coat <3 xo

  5. Congrats on the internship.

    Loving both the coat and dress.

    X x

  6. great news on the job front! :D
    love your faux fur coat. I've been toying with getting one but still can't decide!

  7. Nice fashion break through - a cream dress with black tights. I should give it a try.

    Hmmm...kareoke, haven't gone in a long time. Hope you have a blast.

  8. I love that coat, it looks so cosy! Have a great night out and big congrats on your internship! :) x

  9. Cute dress and coat. Love your wallpaper.

  10. Both your coat and your dress are oh-so dreamy! <3 And I love the beautiful wallpaper! gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze

  11. Lovely outfit, love your tights I have some the same but always end up putting my finger through them at some point :( never get more than one wear x x

  12. Love this outfit Sophie, gotta love a leopard print coat and the dress is lovely. Many congrats on the news job too x

  13. I love this style of dress-just bought a red one yesterday

  14. Love the look, yay leopard print coat twin!! The pattered tights look great too, that's reminding me to go and dig out mine from the back of the wardrobe.. So happy for you re: internship, well done you! xx



    congrats on the jobs news!!!!


  16. I love your patterned tights and your coat. I had similar tights but as I was putting them on I accidently tore them. So jealous you're going to see Foster The People on sunday & I hope you had fun at the karaoke on friday. xo

  17. Love the coat so much! I'm so desperate for a leopard print coat! x

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  19. Great news about the job! Loving that snuggly fake fur, gorgeous and glam. x

  20. I love this outfit, the coat is gorgeous! Well done on the job! So excited for you!

  21. Thanks for the comment Sophie, I love you fur coat here. I'm on the hunt for a good black one but so far can't fine one that's quite right!

  22. That dress is lovely, epsecially with the heart print tights. Hope your new internship goes well!

  23. love the white with the black tights !


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