Vero Moda Lookbook Spring/Summer '12

While I have been assisting on Junior I have been lucky enough to be able to tag along to some press shows with the fashion assistant. As a result I have been collecting lots of lookbooks and it is making me yearn for some sunshine so I can wear the pretty clothes.

One of the press shows that caught my eye was Vero Moda. I have vaguely been aware of it after spotting it on various blogs and flicking through clothes on ASOS. With Alexa Chung just announced as the face of the brand, it's profile is only going to explode.
This flamingo dress (due to be launched in March) caught my eye straight away. I feel like I should be holidaying in Miami with a cocktail in one hand laying on a sun lounger. I am a sucker for animal prints, they just seem so wonderfully kitsch.
I am so pleased to see that midi lengths are going to be on trend for yet another season. It really is my perfect skirt. I am loving the tie dye effect on this skirt (also coming out in March). This whole outfit just seems brilliant for holidays in the sun.
This is the sort of dress that I wish I was cool enough to pull off (delivered into stores in Feburary). It just seems so fashion forward and I love the colour blocked. Hang onto your coloured jeans for another season girls, you will need them to work the trends in the summer!
I love the hot pink clutch peaking out from under the models arm. It really makes the outfit go pop! Does lace ever go out of fashion? These cream lace shorts are so cute and are available from March.

What has caught your eye at Vero Moda? Would you be interested in seeing some more of the different look books?

P.S Sorry about the dark images, I took pictures of pictures!


  1. I completely get what you mean about the cocktail in one hand whilst wearing the Flamingo dress, think that is definitely going on my 'when-I-win-the-lottery' shopping list. Over the last couple of months I have been going on a Vero Moda dress binge, just because they are generally so pretty and a bit more unique than other brands. More lookbooks would be great, love staying ahead of the curve :p


  2. I would be interested in seeing more!
    I'm in love with that dip-dyed skirt & that whole outfit! It's edgy but feminine & I love midi lengths too.
    Rebecca x

  3. I can't wait for summer again :S
    I love seeing what going to be available next season!

  4. Ooh they look lovely, I really like the flamingo dress and the tie dye maxi skirt, they make me long for a holiday somewhere hot! x

  5. Some gorgeous items there- I remember seeing Vero Moda in Spain 4 years ago and thinking it was pretty cool, no doubt with The Chung it really will take off here ! xx

  6. Ohhh I didn't know Alexa was the new face of Vero Moda, I really love their stuff and we're lucky to have a store in Derby xx

  7. I've seen a few tunicy type things of theirs on asos but other than that I've not heard much about the brand. I'm sure it'll be everywhere once the chungs associated with it though!

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  9. It's one of those strange brands that I'm aware of and like quite a lot of their items but I don't have any in my wardrobe. That flamingo dress is awesome!

  10. Loving the tie dye midi skirt <3.

    Sadie x

  11. Wow, you indeed have good eyes for fashion!! I am literally lusting over everything on this blog.

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