Ethical Fashion

Orange full skirt dress: River Island via eBay
Black vintage kelly handbag: Carboot
Vintage silk scarf: Beyond Retro
Blue cameo necklace: Charity shop
Black cardigan: Primark
Black faux suede smoking slippers: Next

This post is part of a competition entry for the Ethical Fashion blog. The competition is open to all fashion bloggers so why not pop over to Style Eyes Ethical Fashion blog to find out more. The prizes are amazing! The only rule is at least one item of your outfit must be upcycled, vintage, second hand, ethical fashion shops, from a jumble, carboot or charity shop.

I must admit I have not fully jumped onto the ethical fashion bandwagon just yet. I am still in the stage of liking to have lots of things rather than just a few things. I am still a fast fashion kinda of girl. I have however fully hopped onto the charity shop and vintage bandwagon and can't see me getting off anytime soon.

It has always been a running joke amongst my friends that I dress like a granny. It's no secret that I lust over things from the bygone eras. As much as I love spending hours in a vintage shop I hate the prices. What do they have to be so darn expensive? Hence why I tend to get most of my vintage from charity shops and carboots. I love the fact that the items have a history behind them and the fact that they are originals. It is so much nicer actually owning a bag from the 1960's rather than having a replica from Topshop. Of course there is always the plus of wearing something that no one else has, I have often been out and spotted someone in the same dress as me. Oh the shame!

This post reminds me how I need to make more of an effort to visit charity shops to pick up some goodies! Nothing beats a charity shop binge.

What are your opinions on ethical fashion? Do you frequent charity shops?


  1. I have to say that I LOVE the charity shop bandwagon...I jump all over it. I love finding something that no-one else has for pennies!

  2. I don't seem to have much luck with finding stuff in charity shops but think I need to rummage more and start going more often! I agree that it's nice to be wearing something a bit different rather than seeing everyone wearing the same dress from the high street! I really like the pattern on the silk scarf :) x

  3. you know i do :) gorrrgeous bag, love the little scarf tied to it as well.


  4. You know how I feel, almost everything I own is second, third or fourth hand!
    I love your outfit, you look fabulous and not granny like in the slightest! x

  5. Love this outfit! :) colours are awesome and that scarf is amazing!! Xx

  6. I completely agree! The vintage shops near me sell dresses for literally £150. But then pop two shops down to the local charity shop/or vintage emporium, and your look at £3 cheapest! It's mental right!
    this dress is so lovely, as is your little cute bag!
    Dressing like grannys FTW!x

  7. You look fabulous, im a charity shop and car boot whore so Im totally on the bandwagon with you :o) Scarlett x

  8. How anyone could class you as a granny is beyond me! You always look stunning hun.

    X x

  9. Gorgeous dress, I love the full skirt! And you look lovely

  10. Love the outfit, especially the bag with vintage scarf, it looks so chic! good luck with the competition :) see you tonight I hope! xx

  11. Red is definitely your colour, you look beautiful. The dress is incredibly feminine which makes it even more beautiful.

    Good luck with the competition! :D

  12. I love charity shops! I get almost everything from them (lots of designer and vintage. Love your outfit, the dress really suits you and the colour is so pretty!

    Girl about Town XxX

  13. I can never find anything in charity shops - not sure where I'm going wrong! :( that dress is gorgeous btw, I love full skirted dresses! xxx

  14. I like that dress, its a really nice shape

    Rianna xxx

  15. Love the scarf! Good luck for the competition. I'm a charity shop girl, too. The majority of my clothes are "vintage". x hivenn

  16. Most of my wardrobe is from charity shops! Dressing like a granny is fun, I often do since I'm a librarian lol.

    Mabel Time

  17. I agree to liking to have a lot of things. Love the scarf around the bag. I love thrifting, it's so much more fun and nothing beats the prices. 99 percent of my clothes were thrifted

  18. Congrats for winning at Ethical Fashion contest. Would you like to enter my small fashion contest? I'd love for the fashonistas like you to participate. I am not getting any good entries so far, some are shy to get it started and some are just not stylish enough.


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